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Yorkshire News
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In 2005, Soccer AM introduced regional news updates. In Yorkshire, Sir Geoffrey Trueman reports on how the counties people are embracing the future. Remember, change is not good!

The Clips:
13th May 2006 - Male Grooming Products (192kb)
The Yorkshire news team hit the streets of Wakefield to find out what men think about the use of male moisturizers.

6th May 2006 - New England Manager (178kb)
The region celebrate the appointment of Yorkshireman Steve McClaren as new England manager.

29th April 2006 - Internet Cafe (237kb)
Bradford is about to become the most technologically advanced city in the region as it prepares for the opening of an Internet cafe, will the public embrace this new technology?

22nd April 2006 - Continental Markets (210kb)
Huddersfield council gives the go ahead for a number of continental markets selling foreign food to come to the town this spring.

15th April 2006 - Tipping (210kb)
A bizzare new payment invented by London city types has come to the region.

1st April 2006 - What are music downloads? (288kb)
Sir Geoffrey Trueman visits Sheffield band Milburn to find out what exactly a consumer gets for their money when they buy a single on the internet.

25th March 2006 - The Digital Revolution (176kb)
The rise in popularity of the MP3 player in Yorkshire soars.

18th March 2006 - Less Than A Pint! (221kb)
Scandal as the people of Wakefield are reciving deficient pints.

11th March 2006 - The Pickering Panther (233kb)
A wild cat is at large in Yorkshire. But fear not, a local deer hunter is on the case!

4th March 2006 - Argos Robbery (243kb)
Barnsley police give a press conference about the biggest heist ever seen in the area.

25th February 2006
- Hairdressers (216kb)
Barbers in the region face competiton from unisex hair salons. What will the men of Wakefield make of this new gimmick?

18th February 2006
- Valentines Day (206kb)
The Yorkshire news team hit the streets of Leeds to find out what men in the region make of Valentines Day.

4th February 2006
- Water Shortage (291kb)
The people of Yorkshire have to consider water saving methods in the face of a summer drought.

28th January 2006 - Divorce Rates (223kb)
Yorkshire news conduct their own survery into the financial inplications of divorce.

14th January 2006 - Satellite Navigation (210kb)
Who needs a satellite navigation system when there's nothing wrong with a map!

7th January 2006 - Stay away from take-away (219kb)
Yorkshire County Council launch the first ever eat healthy campaign.

31st December 2005 - YEP readers film poll award (180kb)
Which film have the readers of the Yorkshire Evening Post chosen as their favourite this year?

24th December 2005 - Darren Gough (238kb)
One of Yorkshire's favourite sons has brought shame and embarrassment on the county following his victory in a dancing competition.

17th December 2005 - Men Dancing (179kb)
Shocking findings as strong continental lager is blamed for men in Yorkshire dancing in clubs.

10th December 2005 - Careers for girls (186kb)
The government force schools in Yorkshire to give careers advice to girls.

3rd December 2005 - Stamps at Christmas (248kb)
Disturbing news as a mindless minority are using 1st class stamps to send their christmas cards.

26th November 2005
- Credit Cards (247kb)
Fears for Yorkshire family values as people in the region start to use credit cards.

19th November 2005
- Central Heating (193kb)
17% of homes in the region have turned on their central heating even though temperatures are not yet below minus five degrees.

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