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Comedy comes in many forms, and where controversy and discrimination is concerned, is there anyone better on Soccer AM than Tim?

The Clips:
22nd April 2006 - Press Conference - F.A Cup semi-final bet (461kb)
Tim takes on the biggest gamble of his life by proposing a bet to James Redmond that will have huge consequences for the loser.

8th April 2006 - Magnificent Unbelievable Game Show (266kb)
Tim hosts a late night quiz show where callers can win up to £5000!

4th March 2006 - Tim Lovejoy and Sooty (135kb)
Soccer AM viewers got a shock this week when Tim revealed a close connection with Sooty!

31st December 2005 - Lucy Pinder Interview (397kb)
Glamour model Lucy Pinder is this weeks soccerette, and with Tim Lovejoy asking the questions, it's anything but clean family entertainment.

31st December 2005 - Soccer AM Dance off press conference (292kb)
Tim calls a press conference where he reveals the identity of the wildcard entrant for this years competition. He also uses the time to expose the relationships of some of the crew members.

3rd Sept 2005 - Lovejoy comments about the Welsh (100kb)
With England playing Wales over the weekend, Tim can't resist a controversial comment about the Welsh.

30th Oct 2004
- Soccerette Chat (172kb)
Tim chats to a soccerette about clubbing, wine and running.

9th Oct 2004 - Press Conference (354kb)
Tim calls a press conference to answer the allegations that he descriminates against small people.

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