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We are the number one source for all things Soccer AM on the internet. Our website is a comprehensive guide to the weekly sky sports program. With lots of exciting features and frequently updated content, Soccer AM World helps relieve your Soccer AM withdrawal symptoms during the week!
Tim Lovejoy and Helen Chamberlain
soccer am image gallery Soccer AM World News Page 25/01/07 -
An amusing video featuring a shocking look-a-like of a Soccer AM personality, a phone call from a comical Brighton and Hove Albion fan, along with details of how you can preserve the best Soccer AM comedy sketches on this website.
Bary Proudfoot Soccer AM Image Gallery - updated 10/12/06
The Soccer AM image gallery now has 13 new images from the world of Barry Proudfoot, further enhancing the biggest collection of Soccer AM images anywhere on the internet!
ebay Soccer AM on Ebay
As the popularity of the Soccer AM brand grows, so does the amount of Soccer AM related merchandise that can be found on eBay. We present you with the good and the bad items that you can find for sale.
Wrestlers Soundboard Soccer AM Wrestlers Soundboard
Many of you requested it, so we made it!
All the best sound bytes from the Soccer AM Wrestlers have been put together in our latest interactive soundboard.
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The Soccer AM show information section is a comprehensive resource of show reviews, music play lists, statistical information and lots more from 2004 to the present date. You'll no longer have an excuse for not knowing your Soccer AM facts!
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Soccer Am Music
Enjoy the best of the Soccer AM comedy sketches in the Soccer AM audio section, view many images from the show, and waste hours of your life playing around with the various sound boards and viewing the animations we created using Flash
Soccer am audio
Very much a mixed bag of content in the features section, articles relating to Soccer AM, the world of football and some odd news and video clips thrown in for good measure!
Mickey Thomas
Radebe testimonial
Sport Hurts video
Fixtures Man
Fixtures Man, the greatest Soccer AM character of all time has his own section on the website, featuring lots of fan art, a petition to bring him back to Soccer AM, video footage, transcripts of all his 2003-04 appearances and much more!
Fan Art Gallery

Soccer AM is a British football-themed comedy/talk show produced by Sky Sports television.

The program first aired in 1995 and currently airs on Sky Showcase, Sky Sports Premier League and Sky Sports Football at 10:30 a.m. on Saturdays during the soccer season. Since 2010, the program has aired with a slight delay to edit out bad words and/or inappropriate content from guests.

The most famous hosts were Helen Chamberlain, who hosted the show for 22 years, and Tim Lovejoy, who hosted it from 1996 to 2007. As of 2019, the current hosts are John Fendley and former soccer player Jimmy Bullard.

This website is unofficial, Soccer AM, Fixtures Man and Sky Sports are all copyright of other people/organisations.