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'Show Them The Whole Thing'

The 2006-07 season of Soccer AM saw Tim Lovejoy introduce us to the world of looking good by having a well-chiseled body. Each week a fan is given the chance to 'show us the whole thing' whilst modeling a t-shirt that can be won during the end of show game. Also, viewers are able to send in videos and pictures of themselves showing off their bodies.
Bodybuilding professionals Pete Brown and Lisa Carrodus have both appeared on the show in 2006, to show us what it means to be 'ready'
Soccer AM World have bought together the following articles and videos to help you on your way to become 'ready'

5 Top Tips For Building Muscle At Home
8 Surefire Ways to Bulk Up Your Body
Dumbbell Workouts - A Smart Way To Exercise
The 3 Core Muscle Building Exercises You Should Be Doing
Perfects Abs - Three Ab Routines To Show Your Six Pack

Your Videos:
Each week on Soccer AM, the best pictures and videos of men showing off their bodies are shown.
But it's not just on Soccer AM where you can find these posers. Fans are taking advantage of video sharing website in order to be seen. We've trawled through these videos and selected some of the best for you to enjoy.
Show them the whole thing videos
Male and Female "Show them the whole thing" T-shirts can be brought online via the sky sports website for £14.99, all profits from the sale of these t-shirts go straight to Barnardos. Buy one now!


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