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Well Well Well - £8.95

Send In The Boys
Milburn - Send In the Boys - Single - Send In the Boys

Cheshire Cat Smile
Milburn - Cheshire Cat Smile - Single - Cheshire Cat Smile

What You Could've Won
Milburn - Well Well Well - What You Could've Won

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The Steel City is going through somewhat of a Revival. No longer do the Citizens of Sheffield hang their heads, they can now rejoice and be proud of the city they call home! For not only are United back in the Premiership, and Wednesday looking to rebuild from a solid base in the Championship, but now they live in the home of great new music.

Soccer Am skit stars Milburn are the latest band to herald from the home of the Arctic Monkeys. Although at times similar to the Chilly Chimps, the constant comparisons are unfair. Milburn have a sound all of there own, and it's a sound that is sure to take the music world by storm with their Debut album: Well, Well, Well.
With 2 Top 40 singles behind them already, including one of the singles of the year in "Send in the Boys" (available on the Soccer AM CD) the future could be very bright for Milburn

Band Members :
Milburn are composed of:
Joe Carnall (vocals/bass)
Louis Carnall (vocals/rhythm)
Tom Rowley (lead guitar)
Joe Green (drums)

Hit Singles:
The First Single release on a major label was "Send In The Boys" which narrowly missed out the top 20 entering the charts at an impressive 22. The follow up "Cheshire Cat Smile" entered 10 places lower in July. The band will be hopeful of gate crashing the charts again when "What You Could Have Won" is released on October 23rd.

Milburns debut album "Well Well Well" was released on October 9th 2006 and entered the album charts at no.32. The first run of the album included 4 exclusive bonus tracks, which are now only available to download. This is a top album, and in our opinion, one of the best of 2006.

Did you know?
The Boys have been together since the age of 14 when they played gigs for their friends at drummer Joe Greens house.

Milburn signed for Mercury Records in 2006 after there image was raised when supporting the Arctic Monkeys.


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