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Barry Proudfoot
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All the fun with Barry, Pugsy and Vicky down the Wheatsheaf.

Most Recent :
13th May 2006 - Pugsy's Birthday (224kb)
Barry finally remembers Pugsy's Birthday, but what great present does he give his good pal?

6th May 2006 - The Apprentice (294kb)
Barry decides the get rid of some of the 'deadwood' from his company, and holds a meeting with two of his employees.

29th April 2006 - Naming the Baby (256kb)
Barry suggests a suitable name for Carla's unborn baby, but how will she react to his suggestion?

22nd April 2006
- Barry and Paddy pt2 (375kb)
Barry gets his chance to shine on the big stage.

15th April 2006
- Barry and Paddy pt1 (256kb)
Pugsy takes Barry to see Patrick McGuinness perform live in London.

8th April 2006 - The Inside Track (268kb)
Barry calls up Tony the trainer for a tip on this years Grand National.

18th March 2006 - Barry the Cabbie (368kb)
Pugsy is hungover from St Patricks day, so Barry takes to the road in Pugsy's taxi.

11th March 2006 - Disrespecting a Celebrity (385kb)
EastEnders actor Perry Fenwick stops off for a pint at the Wheatsheaf.
How will Barry react to having a star in his local?

4th March 2006 - 24 (268kb)
Barry has just 24 hours to sort out a gift for a special occasion.

25th February 2006 - Cup Final Tickets (212kb)
Barry has many tickets for the F.A Cup final, shame they are for Wembley.

18th February 2006
- Barry's DVD (274kb)
Barry presents a DVD on how to run a safe and friendly door.

11th February 2006 - Valentines (260kb)
Barry and Pugsy discuss plans for Valentines day, and poke some fun at Matthew the bouncer.

28th January 2006 - Modern Art (219kb)
Barry moves into the world of modern art, but disappoints the Vicar with his idea of 'the chosen one'

21st January 2006 - Speed dating (367kb)
Barry helps Vicky prepare for her evening of speed dating.

14th January 2006 - The return of P.C Bob (341kb)
Barry's boy Scotty is having a spot of car trouble, what will P.C Bob make of the situation?

24th December 2005 - Tim joins the club! (290kb)
Tim Lovejoy pays a visit to the Wheatsheaf and requests to join a very special club.

17th December 2005 - Barry's Inheritance (408kb)
Barry's father pays a visit to deliver some sad news about a death in the Proudfoot family.

10th December 2005 - Christmas Arrangements (287kb)
Barry has a surprise visitor at the Wheatsheaf as he goes through the family members he'll be enjoying Christmas dinner with this year.

3rd December 2005 - Dodgy DVD's (354kb)
What will P.C Bob make of Barry's Christmas money making scheme?

26th November 2005
- Proudfoot Security (310kb)
Barry drafts in some more security men in preparation for binge drinking week.

Classic Barry Proudfoot Sketches:
15th January 2005 - Decorating (217kb)
Pugsy cracks a joke to make Barry look bad infront of Victoria.

22nd January 2005 - Revenge (179kb)
Barry gets revenge on Pugsy with many jibes over his weight.

10th September 2005 - Band Manager (395kb)
Barry introduces Pugsy to the band that he is guiding to the top of the hit parade.

17th September 2005 - The Trotters Live! (452kb)
Barry gets the Trotters their first gig and himself a nice tidy profit.

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