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It started off with one question, and one question only, but Tubes' popularity has grown due to his great hair and hilarious greetings he uses on the shows guests. Beware the monster that is Tubes!

The Clips:
13th May 2006 - Noel Gallagher (192kb)
Tubes has had 20 months to prepare a new question and greeting for Noel.
Will it be good enough to please the great one?

6th May 2006 - Jamie Redknapp (110kb)
Tubes reveals his appreciation for a certain lady.

29th April 2006 - Matt Dawson (192kb)
The Rugby world cup winner scandalously delivers
a cheap insult to Tubes.

22nd April 2006 - Tim Westwood (140kb)
Tubes comes up against a rap DJ!

15th April 2006
Jeff Hordley (134kb)
Will Tubes be intimidated by Cain Dingle?

8th April 2006
- Peter Reid (144kb)
Can Tubes cheer up Peter Reid with a nice greeting?

25th March 2006 - Monty Panesar (184kb)
Will Tubes compliment Monty on his great beard?

18th March 2006 - Brian Molko (123kb)
The Placebo frontman gives Tubes some make-up advice.

11th March 2006 - Joe Swash (189kb)
Tubes puts a question to the man with by far the worst hair on tv.

4th March 2006 - Ian Holloway (184kb)
Will Tubes have something special up his sleeve
when he greets the great Ian Holloway?

25th February 2006 - iTubes (79kb)
It's what the nation has been waiting for!

25th February 2006
- Patsy Kensit (201kb)
Does Tubes have an unhealthy fixation with a hollywood actor?

11th February 2006 - Amir Khan (158kb)
Would Tubes play it safe with his lyrics in the presence of a professional boxer?

4th February 2006 - Austin Healey (219kb)
Tubes is caught up in a battle for supremacy in the lyric stakes.

28th January 2006 - Noel Fielding (219kb)
Can Noel dig out some lyrics as per Tubes' request?

21st January 2006 - Edith Bowman (143kb)
Can Tubes put last weeks disaster behind him and return to form?

14th January 2006 - Dougray Scott (197kb)
Is it pressure, or the alleged binge drinking that caused Tubes to crack during his segment this week?

7th January 2006 - Al Murray (105kb)
Will Tubes raise his game in the presence of a fellow funnyman?

31st December 2005 - Lucy Pinder (110kb)
What messy lyrics will Tubes use to charm the lovely glamour model?

24th December 2005 - Anthony Costa (194kb)
Will Tubes put in an extra special effort to impress the musical guest?

17th December 2005 - Gordon Ramsay (130kb)
A question regarding food perhaps?

3rd December 2005 - Iwan Thomas (112kb)
Tubes puts his question to the great british athlete. Who would have thought it?

26th November 2005
- Andy Gray (96kb)
Find out which is the favourite game that Andy has commentated on for Sky.

19th November 2005
- Ray Wilkins (128kb)
Who is the best player that Ray has ever played with, or against.

12th November 2005
- Tony Warner (105kb)
Tubes really excels with his greeting this week.

5th November 2005 - Stephen Merchant (154kb)
Who is the funniest man of all time?

29th October 2005
- Sarah Beeny (176kb)
Will Tubes ask a topical question this week?

22nd October 2005 - Neil Ruddock (178kb)
Will Razor Ruddock treat the popular Tubes with respect?

15th October 2005
- Audley Harrison (150kb)
With Audley being a former MC, what would he make of Tubes' greeting?

8th October 2005 - Mike Newell (169kb)
Find out which English player the Luton manager would most like in his team.

1st October 2005 - Darren Byfield (121kb)
With rapper Lady Sovereign in the studio, Tubes was under pressure to deliver a good greeting to Gillingham's Darren Byfield, but does he triumph?

24th September 2005
- FIFPRO awards (402kb)
Tubes take his one question on the road, in the clip he interviews John Terry, Antony Costa, Steve McManaman, Jessica Taylor, Mr Woo, Frank Lampard, Jerry Hall, Samuel Eto'o and Ronaldinho.

17th September 2005 - Kevin Pietersen (119kb)
Tubes delivers quite possibly his greatest ever greeting.

10th September 2005 - Andrew Murray (132kb)
Tubes causes controversy with his choice of favourite male tennis player.

3rd September 2005 - Patrick McGuinness (89kb)
Once Paddy was done kissing Tube's feet, he had to answer a question.

20th August 2005
- Helen Chamberlain (171kb)
Following finishing runner up in the Poker Million tournament, Helen was the obvious choice for Tubes this week.

4th September 2005
- Lee Sharpe (126kb)
Mr Abi Titmuss faces Tubes' first question of the new season.

4th September 2004
- Jason McAteer (111kb)
Tranmere Rovers captain Jason McAteer is this weeks guest to face a grilling from Tubes.

11th September 2004 - Noel Gallagher (93kb)
Tubes puts one question, and one question only to Noel Gallagher

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