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In the case of Soccer AM World, The finest thing to come out of Eccles since the cake really is here all week!

The Clips:
13th May 2006 - The Waiter's Thumb (96kb)

6th May 2006 - Tact and Diplomacy (169kb)

29th April 2006 - The Art Gallery (128kb)

22nd April 2006
- Sharing Everything (173kb)

8th April 2006 - Serve What You Steal (255kb)

1st April 2006 - How Long For A Haircut? (118kb)

25th March 2006 - The Forgetful Mother (126kb)

18th March 2006 - Going Out In Style! (169kb)

11th March 2006 - The Naked Glasses (172kb)

4th March 2006 - The Forgetful couple (191kb)

25th February 2006
- The Kissing Frog (206kb)

18th February 2006 - Memory Test (115kb)

11th February 2006 - Confessions (108kb)

4th February 2006 - The Actor (103kb)

21st January 2006 - Queuing for heaven (158kb)

7th January 2006 - One a day for the rest of my life (93kb)

24th December 2005 - Hands off my wife! (139kb)

10th December 2005 - The man with the invincible head (304kb)

3rd December 2005 - Sun Tan Cream (165kb)

26th November 2005
- Woman Overboard (149kb)

19th November 2005
- Wasp Music (121kb)

12th November 2005
- Weight Loss (146kb)

29th October 2005
- Wage Demands (218kb)

22nd October 2005 - Three Bank Robbers (151kb)

15th October 2005 - Fathering Duties (93kb)

17th September 2005 - The Talking Dog (194kb)

10th September 2005 - Short term memory loss demonstration (151kb)

27th August 2005
- Lightbulb (149kb)

13th August 2005
- The Boxer (167kb)

14th August 2004
- The Burgular (60kb)

28th August 2004 - Astronaught (46kb)

4th September 2004 - Maternity Ward (75kb)

11th September 2004 - Local Swimming Pool (45kb)

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