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The comedy showpiece on Soccer AM each week is the main gag. Amusing costumes and recycled jokes mixed in with the odd cock-up or five make for some classic Soccer AM moments.

The Clips:
25th March 2006 - Naturists (482kb)
With the clocks going forward to mark the beginning of British Summer time, Soccer AM welcome back their favourite naturists.

18th February 2006 - EastEnders (236kb)
Although not a conventional main gag, Soccer AM went to the east end of London to find out what the locals think of the BBC soap opera EastEnders.

4th February 2006 - Welsh School Teacher (589kb)
To mark the start of the six nations championship, Soccer Am invited along one of their Rugby loving friends, the Welsh school teacher.

28th January 2006 - Russian Soldiers (354kb)
Some Russian soldiers come onto the show to talk about the very cold temperatures in their country.

21st January 2006 - Cowboys (419kb)
Thanks to the film Brokeback Mountian, cowboys are back in vogue, and some stop by at the Soccer Am studios.

14th January 2006 - Burglars (452kb)
Tim invites some professional Burglars on the show to help Dougray Scott with his method acting.

7th January 2006 - Weight Watchers (448kb)
Tim meets some dieters who reveal the struggles of breaking their eating cycles in order to lose weight.

31st December 2005 - Drunken Geordie (599kb)
A drunken geordie and a pair of paramedics make an appearance on new years eve.

24th December 2005 - Umpa Band (508kb)
The Umpa Band make their now traditional Christmas appearance.

17th December 2005
- Roman Soldiers (399kb)
Roman Soldiers come to tell us about life in the great empire.

10th December 2005 - Miss World (682kb)
The candidates for this years Miss World competition take to the Soccer AM catwalk.

3rd December 2005 - Ballroom Dancers (440kb)
Soccer AM give the viewing public what they want by having Ballroom Dancers on the show.

26th November 2005
- Happy Days (519kb)
American college kids from the 50's pay a visit to the studio.

Classic Main Gags:
10th April 2004 - The Cast of Soccer AM's Kes (477kb)
A truely classic sketch from April 10th 2004, Fenners and his bird Kes make fun out of people from Barnsley

4th April 2005 - Army Medics (783kb)
This week, Colonel and Ginger talk about the Sony awards, a trip to Gordon Ramsey's restaurant and George Michael.

13th August 2005 - The Cricket Umpires (400kb)
Two Australian cricket umpires tell us about their experiences and insult Tim with some harsh words.

29nd October 2005 - Naturists (574kb)
Soccer AM's naturist friends visit the studio to mark the end of British Summer Time.

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