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Sheephead provides football fans across the country with the most accurate weather report of all the television stations thanks to his topless weather. And the weather down south, light drizzle.

Most Recent :
13th May 2006 - Topless Weather (160kb)
Sheephead delivers his final weather report of the season.

6th May 2006 - Topless Weather (272kb)
Sheephead is exposed as a splitter regarding his plans for F.A Cup final day.

22nd April 2006 - Topless Weather (165kb)
Topless Weather is broadcast in High-Definition this week.

15th April 2006 - Topless Weather (183kb)
Sheephead's expert opinion as a weatherist is dismissed.

8th April 2006 - Topless Weather (182kb)
Sheephead takes advantage of a new form of advertising.

1st April 2006
- Topless Weather (322kb)
Sheephead's hygiene standards are a cause for concern this week.

25th March 2006
- Topless Weather (205kb)
Find out how Sheephead fared in the half-marathon.

18th March 2006 - Topless Weather (217kb)
Sheephead tells us about his date with the Adidas half-marathon.

11th March 2006 - Topless Weather (131kb)
Sheephead bows to his fans requests and reports the weather in Ireland.

4th March 2006 - Topless Weather (166kb)
Sheephead reveals a new 'rights' deal has been signed and informs us of how we can go interactive with the weather.

25th February 2006
- Topless Weather (219kb)
News of Sheephead's recent weight-loss and Rocket helps Sheephead find Wales on the weather map.

18th February 2006 - Topless Weather (207kb)
Sheephead congratulates Britain's winter olympic team on their first medal of the games, and he finishes with a long overdue movie review!

11th February 2006 - Topless Weather (141kb)
Sheephead is delighted to be reporting the weather via Jimmy Bullard's back door this week.

4th February 2006 - Topless Weather (153kb)
There's some very special news for fans of Sheephead this week, and Sheephead celebrates with some great gags.

21st January 2006 - Topless Weather (169kb)
Satellite Navigation along with fruit and sugar make up Sheephead's weather report this week.

14th January 2006 - Topless Weather (157kb)
After defending his hair, Sheephead comes up with a great gag to close his weather report.

7th January 2006 - Topless Weather (106kb)
Sheephead gives his prediction for the F.A Cup third round.

31st December 2005 - Topless Weather (151kb)
Sheephead spots a window of opportunity ahead of the dance off.

24th December 2005 - Topless Weather (92kb)
Sheephead presents an ape themed weather report.

17th December 2005 - Topless Weather (127kb)
Sheepheads total Christmas expenditure is revealed.

26th November 2005 - Topless Weather (187kb)
Shocking news regarding the Mega-Winter.

19th November 2005
- Topless Weather (183kb)
Travel advice for those traveling to Coventry, and a joke greeted with disapproval from Tim and Helen.

12th November 2005
- Topless Weather (149kb)
Sheephead reports on his broken central heating.

5th November 2005 - Topless Weather (161kb)
Sheephead gives us a safety tip for bonfire night.

Classic Topless Weather:

4th September 2004 - Topless Weather (146kb)
Sheephead is on form this week with a joke about Radio

11th September 2004 - Topless Weather (125kb)
This weeks weather report features the BEST EVER introduction to Topless Weather

1st October 2005 - Topless Weather (277kb)
Sheephead becomes the proud owner of an i-Pod.

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