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11th January 2006
Greetings to you all from the Soccer AM World office.
The new year has seen us upgrading the units in the office canteen. Using all the knowledge gained from watching Fixtures Man on Soccer AM, the task is proving relatively simple.

The Crossbar Challenge
Earlier in the week we stumbled across the website YOUTUBE.COM
Registered members are able to upload home videos for the rest of the internet community to view. Users seem to take advantage of the site to host clips taken from television programmes.
Naturally we typed 'Soccer AM' into the search box and were presented with a list of videos containing those keywords. One video is of a young Aston Villa fan attempting the crossbar challenge, he even does the proper introduction to the camera. Unlike the real challenge, this one takes place on a concrete tennis court with a goal only about 4 feet high.
Is the child successful with his attempt? or has he pointlessly uploaded a video of himself being a complete failure?...... Find out here!
Warning - a rude word is used at the end of the clip that may offend some people.

Soccer AM Dance-off result.
Due to the curveball sent by Tim Lovejoy on the morning of the danceoff, the vow of posting a picture of myself naked on the website will not be happening. If Baby Elvis had not of been entered, Tubes would have picked up all of his votes and come out victorious.
Tim and Helen were disappointed with the standard of the dancing this year, on a second viewing, it wasn't really that bad.
Personally, I believe the answer is to allow novelty dancing for 2007, mybe then Fenners will pick up the victory.

Chess - do you know the rules?
On the 31-12-05 show. Eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed that Tim took the first move playing as the black pieces in his game of Chess during the press conference.
Those who enjoy a good game of Chess will know that whites moves first. No doubt Tim would claim he is too cool to know the rules of a game like Chess.

The usual updates.

Once again the weekly updates are in place, the latest Show Review, Soccer AM Music, Audio clips featuring Tubes, Yorkshire News, Stan Hibbert, Sheephead and the fat people in the main gag.

And finally.....

We'd like to say a big hello to members of the Ricky 'Hitman' Hatton internet forum who have discovered Soccer AM World over the last month.

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