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Soccer AM show review
24th December 2005

Fans of the week
Carlisle United
Carlton Palmer - Ex England International
Anthony Costa - Jungle Adventurer
Wembley Way
Carlisle fans score 7, Carlton Palmer also scores
Crossbar Challenge
Chesterfield are this weeks challengers. Sadly all of the squad are off target.
Ten Yard Bucket Challenge
Sheffield United Goalkeeper Paddy Kenny takes 92 attempts before calling it a day.
Can He Kick It?
Carlton drives the ball hard and low to the right-hand corner of the goal, sending Buffon the wrong way.
Things of great note:

Tim misses his shot at the basket.

We learn that Robbie Knox is so desperate to get a girlfriend that he took a girl on a date to the 'Glory of Christmas' carol concert at the Royal Albert Hall.

Soccer AM run another 'one in a million' competition. This time it is to win a Barry Proudfoot costume, perfect for any new years eve fancy-dress partie.

The semi-final draw for the LDV Vans trophy is made live in the studio, Tim was the hero by picking out Carlisle for a home tie.

We are treated to a shot of Tubes wearing nothing but a pair of purple underpants.

Ian Holloway gives a 'Queens' Park Rangers speech. Announcing what he intended on giving the Soccer AM crew members for Christmas.

Rocket takes the 'Tucker Challenge' where he has to eat a veggie burger, veggie bacon and tofu.

As it was Christmas, there were two soccerettes, both members of the Scottish Rocks basketball cheerleading squad, one was able to fit inside a suitcase.

The show ended with the out-takes of Tim Lovejoy visiting Barry, Pugsy and Vicky in the Wheatsheaf.


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