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Soccer AM show review
17th December 2005

Fans of the week
Blackburn Rovers
Gordon Ramsay - The best chef in the world?
Lee Boardman - From the BBC Drama 'Rome'
Wembley Way
Blackburn fans score an amazing 11! Gordon Ramsay also converts
Crossbar Challenge
Chester City are this weeks challengers. Midfielder Tom Curtis hits the target.
Things of great note:

Tim scores his shot at the basket.

Stan Hibbert still turned up for the show despite scandalously being overlooked at this weeks British comedy awards.

We learn that Jon Dyson used a camera flash against his own eye and then couldn't see for three hours.

Helen provides more proof that she is better than Tim by revealing two pairs of ladies shoes that are being sold at 'New Look' stores. The 'Chamberlain' pair are outselling the 'Lovejoy' pair at a ratio of 6:1. Tim says this only proves that Chamberlain is more common.

Tim enjoys playing with some giant gorilla hands that were recieved at the Soccer AM office this week, his impression of a gorilla/monkey is so convincing that Helen suggests that Tim is the 'missing link'

Soccer AM's favourite farmers son 'Crazy' Dave Mills sent in a new video.
This week he was doing an impression of a chainsaw.

Tim confirms that there will be another Soccer AM dance-off this year, to be held on New Years Eve. Following the announcement was a video package, stating that this year, 'its personal'

Following his poor performance in last weeks main gag, Chris Nutbeam was sent to Oxford Street wearing a swimsuit.

This week the wrestlers are shown brawling in the Harrods shop window, with a big crowd watching from inside and outside the shop.

Chris Kamara was reporting live from the Goodison Park kitchen, where he delivered a Christmas dinner to ex-player Graham Stuart.

Gordon Ramsay slipped up many times when trying to keep his language clean.

John Lydon - AKA Johnny Rotten from the Sex Pistols waved us goodbye at the of the show.


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