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Soccer AM show review
26th November 2005

Fans of the week
Colchester United
David Johnson - Nottingham Forest
Wayne Hemmingway - Designer
Andy Gray - Sky Sports Pundit and Ex Scotland International
Wembley Way
Colchester United fans score 7, Andy Gray scores, as does Wayne Hemmingway's little son.
Can He Kick It?
Andy Gray has no trouble in beating Buffon with a powerful shot to the left of goal.
Things of great note:

Tim misses two shots at the basket.

Neil recently went to Amsterdam, and got so drunk that he fell off his bike!

The LDV Vans regional quarter-final draw was made live in the studio.
Helen disappointed the Colchesters United fans by drawing them as the away side in their tie.

A new David Beckham aftershave is launched, Rocket takes to the highstreet to try the new scent out on the ladies. It scores him a few phone numbers!

The crew do a spoof Take That reunion tour press conference.

Mocked-up pictures of Peter Beagrie throughout his footballing career are shown during the show to celebrate his birthday.

Rocket is revealed as the new Sky Gnome.

The Soccer Am webcam narrator ponders what free food will be sent to the crew to eat live infront of the camera.

Ricky Hatton waves us goodbye at the end of the show.

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