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Soccer AM show review
19th November 2005

Fans of the week
Sheffield Wednesday
Ian Poulter - Golfer
Leo Gregory - Actor
Rafe Spall - Actor
The Bravery - American Musical Wolves fans.
Ray Wilkins - Footballing Legend
Wembley Way
The Sheffield Wednesday fans score 4, Ray Wilkins also put the ball away.
Crossbar Challenge
Stockport County were this weeks challengers, their midfielder Chris Williams was successful.
Can He Kick It?
Football legend Ray Wilkins struck his shot to the left, sadly it was at a comfortable height for Buffon to make the save.
Things of great note:

Tim scored his shot at the basket.

Tubes was recently turned away from a night club in Kingstone for not having any I.D. Tubes then asked people in the queue if they recognised him from the television so that he could gain entry with them.
(Tubes refutes this story, and we at Soccer Am World are inclined to believe him)

Tim constantly reminds people throughout the show that he has a bad back.

Soccer Am air another video showing how the new Wembley stadium development is progressing.

The weekly Soccer AM Webcam review is used to hint at wanting the latest mobile phone handsets to be sent into the office for the crew to use in full view of the camera!

Steve Bull gives The Bravery a tour of Molineux.

Rocket manages to make a right mess of his lines during the main gag.

Due to Tim's bad back, Robbie Knox takes his place doing the catwalk!

Tubes takes his one question to the UK Music Hall of Fame ceremony.

Ms Dynamite waves us goodbye at the end of the show.

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