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Soccer AM show review
12th November 2005

Fans of the week
Swansea City
Kenny Miller - Wolves and Scotland Striker
Tony Warner - Fulham Goalkeeper
Phil Tufnell - Ex England Cricketer
Wembley Way
The Swansea City fans score 4
Crossbar Challenge
The Sky cameras again went North of the boarder, this time to film the Scotland international squad, sadly their superior talent didn't convert into any successful attempts.
Ten Yard Bucket Challenge
Football came up against Rugby this week, as Jamie Redknapp and Matt Dawson staged the first ever Head-to-Head. The Darkside won through with Matt taking 23 attemps to Jamie's 151
Things of great note:

Tim scored his shot at the basket.

Tim had a Harrogate Town scarf and hat in order to annoy Helen. When she preposed that he couldn't even name two of their players, Mr Lovejoy proceeded to name the whole squad and some members of the backroom staff.

Helen offers Tim £200 to interview the Swansea City fans in her place, this is due to Swansea City knocking Torquay United out of the LDV Vans Trophy earlier in the season, when Tim declined, Helen suggested that 50p and a scotch egg would be all that it takes for Sheephead to do it!

This week on Soccer AM Webcam, the narrator ponders which electronics manufacturer will be the first to send in the latest gadgets to the boys so that they can appear live on camera!

A series of messages left on Tim's phone by celebrities following the Manchester United vs Chelsea game are played on the show.

Following a call from Jamie Redknapp on Friday, Soccer AM edit the Ten Yard Bucket Challenge to make it seem that Jamie beat Matt Dawson after only 4 shots.
This was of course done to wind up the Rugby star who did actually win.

England opening batsman Marcus Trescothick waves us goodbye at the end of the show.

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