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Soccer AM show review
29th October 2005

Fans of the week
Wolverhampton Wanderers
Leroy Lita - Reading Striker
Sarah Beeny - Channel 4's Property Ladder
Joel, Luke, Rob and Grant - The Rifles
Wembley Way
Wolverhampton Wanderers fans get the highest score of the season so far with 9, all the guest fail,
Crossbar Challenge
Oxford United took up the challenge, and although many of their players came close, they just weren't close enough.
Ten Yard Bucket Challenge
Portmouth's Matt Taylor took 195 attemps at the bucket before calling it a day.
Things of great note:

Tim appears to score his shot at the basket, but a slow motion replay at the Soccer AM world offices indicates that the shot was missed?

We discover that Tubes brought a pay and display parking ticket for a camera man, but left it in his pocket, leaving the camera man with a £50 fine.

Tim and Helen attempt some 'Windmilling'

A viewer sends in some pictures of Tubes drunk at a pub in Epsom with some of his fans.

Soccer AM reveal the finished version of the Invisiball, It's made by Mitre exclusively for Soccer AM.

The office webcam weekly update is used to ask the question, which beer manufacturer will be the first to send in a free crate of booze for the boys?

The show are sent a fireworks display all in one box called Bouncebackabilty.
We are shown prerecorded footage of what it looks like when lit, as Neil the Square wouldn't permit it being let off in the studio due to health and safety.

The Terry vs Terry challenge has begun for this season following John's goal against Charlton in the Carling Cup.

The Rifles 'Robin Hood' doesn't support a football team, so Helen lets him pick a name out of a hat. From this day forth, Luke supports Walsall.

Boxing Legend George Foreman waves us goodbye at the end of the show.

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