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Soccer AM show review
22nd October 2005

Fans of the week
Peterborough United
Neil Ruddock - Ex Liverpool
Ricky Hatton- World Boxing Champion
Paul and Archis - Maximo Park
Wembley Way
Peterborough fans score 4, both members of Maximo park fail, whilst Ricky and Neil purposefully put each other off.
Crossbar Challenge
Notts County take up the challenge this week, none of their players manage to hit it.
Ten Yard Bucket Challenge
West Brom's on-loan goalkeeper Chris Kirkland chips the ball in the bucket with a bounce after 48 attempts.
Can He Kick It?
Neil Ruddock strikes a left footed shot to the bottom left corner of the goal, the ball goes underneath the body of buffon and into the back of the net.
Things of great note:

Tim makes a return to form by converting his shot at the basket.

Helen gets to experience some of Stan's centrifugal force on her trousers.

The draw for the second round of the LDV Vans trophy takes place live in the studio, when it came to the southern section, Tim's first home selection was conveniently Peterborough.

A week of highlights are shown from the Soccer AM office webcam, it's narrated to make life in the office appear to be a soap opera.

Rockets Scottish accent during the main gag was a source of great laughter, he sounded very Welsh indeed.

Tubes gets put in an arm lock by the Soccerette and can't escape; it also causes him some pain.

Chris Kamara is the star of this weeks Barry Proudfoot sketch.

Rocket parades his unpopularity at Oxford Street.

Robbie Williams waves us goodbye to close the show, however, the information about him that scrolled across the bottom of the screen was actually about Robin Williams, including mentioning how good he was in Mork and Mindy!

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