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Soccer AM show review
15th October 2005

Fans of the week
Craig Gordon - Scotland and Heart Goalkeeper
Ralf Little, Jonathan Wilkes - Members of the celebrity team from 'The Match'
Jamie Forman - Actor from Oliver Twist
Audley Harrison - Boxer
Wembley Way
Everton fans score 3, Jonathan Wilkes also scores very cleanly.
Crossbar Challenge
Colchester United take up the challenge this week, Their rightback Sam Stockley either hit the bar, the mounted camera, or both!
Things of great note:

Tim misses two shots at the basket before slam-dunking it in.

Tubes recently went camping and forgot to pack a tent.

Soccer AM carry out a social experiment by running a text poll to see who is more popular out of Tubes and Rocket, Tubes wins with 41% against Rockets 32%, don't care polled 27%. For losing, Rocket now has to take a trip to Oxford Street.

Tim is very concerned that Fenners has caught bird flu, as he seems to be growing a beak.

The Lancaster Road bus stop in Salford won this years Queue award.

Soccer AM introduce the World Cup 2006 countdown, 237 day to go!

Audley Harrison reveals he'd love to play in the next celebrity match if he schedule would allow it, Jonathan Wilkes is excited at this prospect, "Come on Peter Reid" he says.

Iwan Roberts gives us an information filled tour of Bramall Lane.

Actor James Nesbitt waves us goodbye to close the show.

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