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Soccer AM show review
17th September 2005

Fans of the week
Oldham Athletic
Kevin Pietersen - England Cricketer
Matt and Charlie - The Dead 60's
Kuno and Alessandro - From the new film 'Goal!'
Wembley Way
The Oldham fans score 5, all the guests fail
Crossbar Challenge
Bristol Rovers took up the challenge they all missed the bar.
Can He Kick It?
Kevin Pietersen used his eyes to send Buffon the wrong way as he scored to the right.
Things of great note:

Tim missed his shot at the basket, and he also fails when trying to score from a seated position.

For one week only, in honour of England capturing the Ashes, we were shown 6,6 and 6's.

We learn that Tim got caught short and soiled himself on the Fulham road.

Stuart Morgan is the new F.A big-wig who oversees the LDV Vans trophy draw.

Soccer AM have created an anti-celebrity pack for those people who do not want to be famous. It includes a T-shirt reading "I'm Not A Celebrity" and 3 badges "Fame Is Evil" "You Don't Know Me" and "I'm Not On The List"

An amusing piece using the Sky News presents is shown, charting Andrew Flintoff's state of drunkeness during the England Cricketers celebration day.

Fenners is constantly bashed throughout the show for his poor ablibing skills during last weeks main gag.

Barry Proudfoot got his band 'the Trotters' a gig at a local venue.
They made £400 after expenses, of which Barry took £320 as his cut, as well as £10 for a ride home in Pugsy's cab.

There was no wave goodbye this week, instead we are shown more footage of the Trotters playing the only fools and horses theme tune followed by Barry coming on stage, telling the crowd to '#@?% off home'

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