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Soccer AM show review
10th September 2005

Fans of the week
Iwan Roberts - Welsh football commentator
Andrew Murray - Britains young tennis star
Riko, Target & Breeze - Roll Deep
Wembley Way
The Sunderland fans score 3, all the guests fail
Crossbar Challenge
Rushden and Diamonds took up the challenge and Defender Peter Hawkins was Successful with his effort
10 Yard Bucket Challenge
Aston Villa striker Kevin Phillips took 31 attempts to get the ball in the bucket.
Can He Kick It?
Andrew Murray's powerful shot struck the crossbar when Buffon wasn't getting anywhere near it.
Things of great note:

Tim missed his inital shot at the basket, and it took him two more showing off attempts to get the ball through the hoop.

Stan Hibbert delivers some great 'put-downs' to Tim this week after Mr Lovejoy dared to laugh at Stans ability of shuting up the Luton fans last week.

Luke has his romantic horoscope forecast emailed to him daily.

Sheephead presents the topless weather in front of the newly designed map for the first time.

The I.T guys at Sky have now changed the refresh timer on the webcam from 20 seconds to 5 seconds.

Tim judged this years Mercury awards. Much to the disgust of the rest of the crew, he chose Robbie Knox as the winner, sighting his choice as 'left field' just like Anthony and the Johnsons winning the real Mercury Music prize.

Tim publically 'OUTS' Ben and Luke who have pulled out of next weeks London Duathlon with some mystery injuries.

Tim informs us that he intends to win the event.

Barry Proudfoot is the new manager of the band 'The Rifles' one of his first acts as boss is to change the bands name to 'The Trotters' he also has them playing a new song that will get all the people going in the moshpit, this song is the theme to Only Fools and Horses.

For the first time this season, Soccer AM linked up live with Chris Kamara at Stamford Bridge. Chris was joined by Chelsea masseur Billy Blood who told a few jokes, attempted to hit the crossbar and then did a silly little dance that resulted in some of the turf bing ripped up from the pitch.

England strike bowler Matthew Hoggard waves us goodbye at the end of the show whilst eating an apple.

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