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Soccer AM show review
3rd September 2005

Fans of the week
Luton Town
Jason McAteer - Tranmere Rovers
Patrick McGuinness - Max and Paddy's road to nowhere
Guy Garvey and Peter Turner - Elbow
Wembley Way
Luton Town fans score 3, Jason McAteer also scores.
Crossbar Challenge
Bansley took up the challenge this week and they all missed!
Things of great note:

Tim scores his shot after the ball had bounced up off the rim.

Fenners used to be so skinny that he wore tracksuit trousers underneath his jeans to make his legs look fatter.

James Brown was in the car park implementing his new weather map design.

Tim claims that Robbie Knox has been offered the use of a BMX bike fitted with stabilisers for the London Duathlon.

For one week only, The Luther Blissett stand is renamed the Ricky Hill stand for the benefit of the Luton fans.

Not for the first time, Tim gets in trouble with some male hockey players for claiming that the sport is too easy and that he is a natural talent at the game.

There is a Geordie Dancer update with news that he has made it to the number 1 position as the cult hero of Newcastle United in a new book.

A comical interview took place live from the Millennium stadium, and Tim spoke to all the members of Goldie Lookin Chain ahead of their live performance before Wales Vs England.

Once again, Tim has gone a long way to completely alienating himself from the whole of Wales by yet again mentioning that Welsh people live in caves.

There was confusion with Tim and the Soccerette twins, as Tim didn't know which one was which. Robbie Knox sorted out the problem by announcing that he is the Witch, and that being the Witch is WICKED!

Scottish tennis player Andrew Murray waves us goodbye at the end of the show.

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