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Soccer AM show review
27th August 2005

Fans of the week
Ipswich Town
Lee Trundle - Swansea City
Andy Whyment - Coronation Street's Kirk
Preston and William - The Ordinary Boys
Wembley Way
Ipswich Town fans score 4, the guests fail.
Crossbar Challenge
Derby County took up the challenge this week. Midfielder Lee Holmes, and youth academy defender Theo Streete both hit the bar.
Things of great note:

Tim scores his shot at the basket cleanly.

Neil plucks his eyebrows so much that someone thought they were stuck on.

For the second week in a row, Tim attempts to get Neil in hot water by revealing he has many 'experienced' girlfriends, and how he send them text messages frequently.

A new design for the Soccer AM weather map has been chosen, it was designed on a computer and is rather graphical. Helen doubts whether the weather map will look anything like the graphic once it has been painted.

We are treated to a video of Robbie Knox learning how to ride a bike.
He is able to turn right, but not left. Tim hopes for Robbie's sake that the circuit at Richmond park is all right turns.

Tim continues to cause trouble for Stephanie the subtitle announcer by bringing his friend Vladamir on the show. Stephanie is unable to pick up on his Russian language and bottles out of trying to put any words on the screen.

The Soccer AM wrestlers have taken their combat to a new extreme by using plastic chairs as weapons.

Preston from the Ordinary Boys continuted his repuatation of being a poor striker of a football by putting his attempt at Wembley Way into the goal to the left of the target.

Shaun Ryder from the Happy Mondays waved us goodbye at the end of the show.

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