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Soccer AM show review
13th August 2005

Fans of the week
West Ham United
Lee Sharpe - Mr Abi Titmuss
Chris Eubank - Boxing Legend
Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding - The Mighty Boosh
Wembley Way
West Ham fans score 2, the guests fail to score, although Naboo's slipper did come pretty close.
Crossbar Challenge
Cardiff City were the first team of the new season to have a crack.
Sadly, all of their players missed.
Things of great note:

Tim's new season of shooting doesn't get off to the best of starts as the ball fails to go through the hoop.

Neil owns a cuticle stick to give his nails a manicure

The show is now being broadcast in widescreen, so they've had to tidy up parts of the set that you were previously unable to see.

The 'Goals Goals Goals' at the start of the show now feature flames at the player's feet when they strike the ball.

Boston goals returned to its original format with Randy Wakeman III nowhere to be seen.

Stan Hibbert was back, and has a new theme tune!

There is now a webcam in the Soccer AM office, so the obsessive amongst you can see what the crew get up to during their weekday working hours.

Tim mentions that Robbie Knox suffered from piles during his trip to the Isle of Wight festival.

Sheephead's weather map has taken a battering over the summer and is in an awful state. Tim reveals that the budget ran out. As a result, he has invited viewers to send in their designs for a whole new weather map backdrop.
The person chosen will get to come to the studios to implement their design.

The men and women of the forces will no longer receive a T-Shirt for sending in their photos, instead they will be sent an 'Invisiball' (a camouflaged football)

Soccer Am officially announce that Bouncebackability has made it into the dictionary. They have a giant dictionary on hand to prove it.

Soccer Am's Taxi feature has changed, with multiple people receiving the main 'taxi' accolade.

Many Abi Titmuss jokes are made throughout the show for the benefit of Lee Sharpe.
Most of these came from Sheephead and Fenners during the main gag where they were dressed up as official ICC test umpires.

Barry Proudfoot returned with a new title sequence, and was not at the Wheatsheaf! He was at a Jaguar garage looking at some motors with Pugsy.

The 'We are the champions league' game has been replaced with 'Wembley Way' It's a giant inflatable wall with a hole in the 'B' The fans now have 1 minute 20 seconds to hit balls through the hole. The extra time is due to the time saved on not having any callers. Viewers can now text in their predictions. One winner is picked at random from all the callers who guessed the correct number.

We saw the first part of an interview that Tim held with Sven Goran Eriksson.
Tim is very excited as he claims that Sven said he has a job to do for England just in front of the back four.

The end of show credits failed to appear on screen whilst John McCririck frantically waved us goodbye.

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