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Soccer AM show review
13th May 2006

Fans of the week
Accrington Stanley
Paul Robinson - Tottenham and England Goalkeeper
Noel Gallagher - Oasis
Carl Barat and Didz Hammond - Dirty Pretty Things
Richard E Grant - Actor
Wembley Way
Accrington Stanley fans score 7, all the guests fail
Things of great note:

Tim and Helen enter the studio with bottles of milk in hand.

Tim scores his shot at the basket.

We learn that Robbie Knox brought tickets to a Take That concert to impress a girl.

John Terry retains the Terry shield by beating his brother 7-2 over the season.

Rio Ferdinand is presented with the Ferdinand Trophy at Old Trafford as he beat his brother Anton 3-2.

Thierry Henry wins both the golden shoe and golden espadrille for the third season in a row.

The Dirty Pretty Things arrive on the show drunk following a night out in Wolverhampton. Didz squirts milk through his teeth at Tim and Helen, Carl was unaware that the show was going out live, although he then decided to swear many times in a foreign language to see if Richard E Grant could work out what he was saying.

Jeff Shreeves jokes that we have seen the last of Soccer AM and Tim Lovejoy following the behaviour of the Dirty Pretty Things.

The bus stop in Salford is the winner of this year's Q awards.

The show ends with photographs and captions of how the crew will be enjoying the world cup over the summer.


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