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Soccer AM show review
11th March 2006

Fans of the week
Joe Swash, Charlie Clements - EastEnders
Danny and Richard McNamara - Embrace
Harvey - Rapper and Footballer
Wembley Way
Liverpool fans score 9, Joe Swash, Charlie Clements and Harvey are all successful.
Crossbar Challenge
Swindon Town took up the challenge this week. Iffy Onuora's men failed to hit the target.
Things of great note:

Tim scores his shot at the basket.

We learn that Neil's new personal trainer is a woman.

Thanks to Chris Nutbeam, Tim finally has a good quality 'sting'. However, Helen opts for a change of direction this week and has a gospel choir singing her name!

Tim wrestles with the official World Cup 2006 mascot Goleo VI.

Umbro tell Soccer Am that the small pocket in the lining of the England shorts are for fans and players to keep their rings and personal items safe.

Tim keeps to his word and walks down Oxford Street in full Barcelona away kit whilst holding a sign reading 'Loser'.

Robbie Knox is standing above the catwalk, dangling the loser sign above Tim's head whilst he's talking to the soccerette, it is only during the catwalk that Tim spots the sign. He tries to divert the attention on to Robbie by calling him a tramp, Robbie gets his revenge by hitting Tim on the head with the sign!

France international striker David Trezeguet waves goodbye at the end of the show.


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