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Soccer AM show review
4th March 2006

Fans of the week
Leeds United
Ian Holloway - On the payroll at Queens Park Rangers
Stan Collymore - Former footballer and now emerging actor
Jason, Chris, Kevin, George, Johnny - Orson
Wembley Way
Leeds United fans score 2, Stan Collymore is also successful.
Crossbar Challenge
Trinidad and Tobago took up the challenge this week, Yokohama F.C midfielder Silvio Spann was the only one that struck lucky.
Can He Kick it?
Stan Collymore blasted the ball way over the bar.
Things of great note:

Tim scores his shot at the basket.

Jon Dyson recently dropped some kebab meat on the pavement, but then rinsed it off in a puddle and ate it.

Helen has been making preparations for Tim's walk down Oxford Street by having 'Messy' put on the back of the Barcelona shirt that he will be wearing.

This week, Tim paid £500 for Chris Nutbeam to sort him out with a better 'sting'. It's getting closer to the quality of Helen's.

England fans will be taking a £3,500 95kg, 100ft x 65ft giant England flag with them to the world cup finals in Germany. It's size was demonstrated by unveiling it down the side of Sky's office building.

We discover that Tim is friends with Sooty, as he makes an appearance during the Soccerette segment.

Orson are yet another American band to randomly pick a team out of a hat that they have to follow for the rest of their lives. The team chosen was Rotherham United, who might not even be in existance come the season's end!

Noel Edmonds waves goodbye at the end og the show.


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