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Soccer AM show review
28th January 2006

Fans of the week
Leicester City
Patrick McGuinness- Channel 4's Max and Paddy
Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt - BBC2 comedy 'The Mighty Boosh'
Wembley Way
Leicester fans score 7, all the guests fail.
Crossbar Challenge
Glasgow Rangers took up the challenge this week, all members of the senior squad failed, however, youth team midfielder Sam Woods was successful
Things of great note:

Tim scores his shot at the basket.

We learn that Chris Nutbeam read each page of the latest childrens book Harry Potter twice, to make it last longer.

Tim demonstrates 'cup hammocks' the wonderful invention used in the Sky Sports canteen. It's for those who don't like to get their poor little hands hot when carrying their cup.

Sheephead has had his hair shorn.

Neil was the winner of Helen's poker tournament.

During the same evening, Tubes stole some cutlery from Helen's house.

A viewer sent in a video of a youth doing an impression of Crazy Dave's tractor racing.

Luke was sent to the streets of Glasgow to find out if anybody in Scotland will be supporting England at the 2006 World Cup in Germany. The result was not many!

AFC Wimbledon sent Helen a personalised home shirt and some money in return for her support when the team meet Windsor and Eaton in a few weeks time.

Soccer AM have created the Ferdinand vs Ferdinand trophy. Rio currently leads 3 goals to 2.

New Brighton Bears basketball star Dennis Rodman waves goodbye at the end of the show.


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