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Soccer AM show review
21st January 2006

Fans of the week
Dean Lennox-Kelly and Gerard Kearns - Channel 4's Shameless
Nick Frost - BBC2 comedy Hyperdrive
Colin Murray and Edith Bowman - BBC Radio 1 presenters
Wembley Way
Brentford fans score 6, all the guests fail.
Crossbar Challenge
Northampton Town took up the challenge this week. Defender Luke Chambers and Midfielders David Hicks and Ian Taylor were all successful. Tim Lovejoy has described them as the best team in the world!
Things of great note:

Tim scores his shot at the basket with the help of the backboard.

We learn that 24 year old Jon Dyson wore tights to work on Wednesday, with the excuse that it helped his muscles after playing football the night before.

During the Soccer AM Webcam feature, the narrator wonders if Neil will get an internet girlfriend in time for Valentines day.

Tim and Helen have been enrolled into the Windor and Eton supporters club.
Helen would like to know what AFC Wimbledon will do to try and win their support.

Rocket is sent out onto the streets to find out if it is only ladies who vote on Big Brother.

In another trip out of the office, Rocket is sent to Oxford Street dressed as Cilla Black as punishment for telling the crew the incorrect name of the Soccerette.

Colin Murray gets hit on the head by a football whilst carrying out the duty of ballboy during the 'Road the Wembley' end game.

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson waves us goodbye at the end of the show.


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