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Soccer AM show review
7th January 2006

Fans of the week
Dougray Scott - Top Actor
Eggsy and Mystikal - Goldie Lookin' Chain
Ninja and Kaori - The Go! Team
Wembley Way
Southampton fans score 10, all 5 guests fail
Crossbar Challenge
Leeds United took up the challenge for the second time in 18 months, however, this time most of the player's attempts were truely awful as no one had any success.
Ten Yard Bucket Challenge
Reading striker Kevin Doyle was handicapped by having to use a right-handed club when he is left-handed, this resulted in him giving up after 59 attempts.
Things of great note:

Tim scores the basket at his third attempt.

Helen educates us on what we should, and should not feed our cats.

We learn that Neil wears that emergency stop button around his neck when using the treadmill at the gym.

Soccer AM present the radical idea of making visiting Germany easier this Summer for the World Cup by learning the language. The Rapid German course by Earworms MBT, uses a formular of simple German phrases accompanied by catchy music to make learning the language fun and quick.

Some promotional 'teasers' for the new England second strip are shown ahead of their February 27th launch date.

Eggsy and Mystikal take to the orange sofas sporting some rather nasty scars - applied by the make-up team at their own request.

Arsenal midfielder Robert Pires waves goodbye at the end of the show, he's on location at the unveiling of the 52 metre long 'Final Salute' mural which can be found at Highbury tube station.


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