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Soccer AM show review
25th December 2004

Fans of the week
Newport County (Goldie Lookin Chain)
Ian Holloway - QPR Manager
Tom Meighan & Serge Pizzorno - Kasabian
David Bentley- Arsenal/Norwich
Preston & Will - The Ordinary Boys
We are the Champions League
Goldie Lookin Chain 2-1 Soccer AM crew.
Tubes' late consolation effort wasn't enough to stop the GLC winning the prize of a gold bike chain.
Crossbar Challenge
Chelsea - The millionaires fail miserably
Tim Lovejoy backs up his claim from a few months back by doing a huge 58 press-ups!
Things of great note:

Lovejoys score the basket.

Following on from last weeks promise, Tim had to put his hand in his pocket as 2 more 'Lovejoy's a legend' banners appeared on Television.

Neil used to make the Christmas presents they did on Blue Peter.

Tim and Helen recieve video messages from the forces wishing them a Happy Christmas.

Sheephead abuses his Topless Weather to make some money by holding up a 'Lovejoy's a Legend' banner, Tim goes outside to personally give him £5 to which Sheephead flips over the banner to reveal the same text on the other side. Sheephead says he'll have a great new years eve with the £10!

Sky News reader Emma Crosby was this weeks stranger on the sofa because the crew fancy her.

Mark Bircham takes on the 10 Yard Bucket challenge and take exactly 50 attempts to get it in.

Steven Gerrard cleaned the boots of Dominic Matteo during his role of YT at Liverpool.

Barry Proudfoot appeared live in the studio this week and had a slanging match with the GLC!

Viewers of Crew Cast were frantically texting in, trying to get Neil and Robbie Knox to share a kiss.

This weeks Dalglish really was with Kenny!

Tim played an audition piece of him on the drums in an attempt to fill the Ordinary Boys drummer vacancy.
The muscial Kaftan worked its magic again as the boys were impressed.

Soccer AM's Christmas present to the viewers was 2 soccerettes!

Nobby had recorded a special Christmas message for the readers.

Colonel and Ginger are shown sleeping rough on a park bench. Colonel is slagging off Sheephead, questioning what he's got that they haven't. He told Ginger to "Have faith and believe that he will call"

Helen does her traditional yearly fire eating.

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