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Soccer AM show review
4th December 2004

Fans of the week
Bristol Rovers
Mark Crossley - Fulham Goalkeeper
Craig Hignett - Darlington
Noel Fielding & Julian Barratt - The Mighty Boosh
We are the Champions League
Bristol Rovers scored 2,
Craig Hignett powers the ball through the star.
Crossbar Challenge
Peterbrough United - Barrys boys failed to hit the bar
Brighton's Leon Knight completes 67
Things of great note:

Tim doesn't shoot at the basket this week as his hands are full with the F.A cup.

Soccer AM linked up live with Randy Wakemen
(Robbie Knox!) for this weeks Boston Goals.

Nobby was sitting in the Luther Blissett stand frantically waving.

Neil uses Shakespeare plays as his computer passwords.

We learn that oval red cards are used by some referees for the benefit of players who may be

Ian the Christian was overseeing the LDV vans trophy draw for the last ever time.
A video montage was played as a tribute.
Helen requests that the F.A send a replacement with a good sirname for them to continue making a gag.

Soccer AM congratulate Michael Bridges scoring for the first time since May 2000.
We see a flashback to what Soccer AM was like on that date.
Tim liked his old hairstyle and ponders growing it again.

Helen was giving Paul Peschisolido tips on the telephone on how to act like Barry Proudfoot in time for the Derby County Christmas Fancy Dress party.

Bouncebackability now yields 87,500 search engine results.

David Dunn cleaned the boots of Graeme Le Saux during his time as YT at Blackburn Rovers.

Bradford City's Dean Windass matches Alan Stubbs by taking 29 chips to get the ball in the bucket in the 10 Yard Bucket Challenge.

This weeks flashing picture was of some sort of castle/fort.

We were treated to the Pearl Diving clips.

Straight after the ad break following the comedy session, a man was riding an ostrich in the car park which could be seen from the patio doors.

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