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Soccer AM show review
27th November 2004

Fans of the week
Cardiff City
Chris Perry - Charlton Defender
Danny Webber - Watford Striker
Mo George - EastEnders' Gus
We are the Champions League
Cardiff City scored 4,
Danny Webber is also successful
Crossbar Challenge
Sheffield United - Warnock's men draw a blank.
Graham completes 42
Things of great note:

Tim scores one of his three attempts at the basket.

Tim claims to have gone both clubbing and to a casino with Neil last night.
He claims he lost £45,000 on one spin of the roulette wheel.

Neil watched both Bridget Jones films over the weekend.

Tim and Helen both add their signatures to the Official London 2012 Olympic Flag.
Tim signed next to Alan Shearer whilst Helen put her mark next to Alex Ferguson.

Tim dressed Rocket up as a lady and pretended that he was his girlfriend so he could somewhat illegally attend a swingers party.

Bouncebackability now yields 84,300 search engine results.

Tim is annoyed with the BBC for not releasing footage from Blue Peter where a presenter mentions Bouncebackability whilst doing some baking with Mr Bean. Helen says everyone owns the BBC due to paying a licence fee, although Tim isn't familiar with this process.

Mo George bets Tim £50 English pounds that Arsenal will win the league. Tim shakes on it before Helen decrees that the bet should be for 50lbs of Potatos as betting for cash on television in not a good thing.

Alan Stubbs takes 29 chips to get the ball in the bucket in the 10 Yard Bucket Challenge.

This weeks flashing picture was tins of Campbells soup on the production line in a factory.

Tim decides that Tubes 'Looks like that bloke out of Keane'

Bez gives us a tour of the Reebok stadium.

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