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Soccer AM show review
13th November 2004

Fans of the week
Norwich City
David Seaman - Arsenal Legend
Mark Bircham - Queens Park Rangers Rascal.
Greg and Aaron - Delays
We are the Champions League
Norwich Scored 6,
Mark Bircham and Greg also converted!
Crossbar Challenge
Millwall - Goalkeeper Graham Stack hit the target.
Press Officer Simmo manages 49
Things of great note:

Tim converts the basket with ease.

Neil used to be on his schools chess team.

Sheepheads hair is put up for auction on ebay.

Bouncebackability now yields 60,000 search engine results.

David Seaman cleaned the boots of John Lucic during his role of YT at Leeds United.

David Seaman demonstrates why he was a goalkeeper and not a centre forward by blasting the ball over the bar against Buffon.

Soccer AM has been cloned and is shown in Asia.

Crew Cast featured a message from Reg reading
"Bring Back Fixtures Man"

Mark Bircham was officially added to the
'I hit the crossbar' list having convinced Tim and Helen that he really did hit it with his first proper attempt.

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