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Soccer AM show review
6th November 2004

Fans of the week
Oldham Athletic
Adee Phelan and Paul Merritt from Channel 4's 'The Salon'
Colin Salmon - Hollywood Actor
Rob Lee - West Ham Legend
We are the Champions League
Oldham Scored 3,
Adee Phelan and Rob Lee also converted!
Crossbar Challenge
Portsmouth - Harrys men drew a blank.
Steve produces 41 high quality press-ups,
Things of great note:

Stan Hibbert brought Helen a lighbulb so that she doesn't have to get dressed in the dark anymore.

Neil once said thank you to a cash machine.

Bouncebackability now yields 13,900 seach engine results.

Ipswich player Ian Westlake beat Olympic swimmer Karen Pickering in a 50 metre freestyle race.
She ties to contest by scoring two out of three penalties at Portman Road.
James Beattie announces that he was second best in the country when he was 14 years old and claims he could beat the both of them.
Soccer AM vow to have a 'swim off'

Sheephead had his hair cut earlier in the week by Adee Phelan. Slightly more straighter and thinner.
Adee calls it the Lamb Chop.

Paul Robinson cleaned the boots of Nigel Martyn during his role of YT at Leeds United.

The New Football Manager 2005 game features the Badgers, with Tim Lovejoy getting paid a huge salary compared to the rest of the team.

A picture of Sharon Stone flashes up on the screen.

Tim Lovejoy held a sparkler in the studio without wearing gloves,
(Not the best advert for children regarding safety on Bonfire night)

Footage was shown of Peter the Test Tube Baby running down a high street slamming a can of beer down on the pavement.

For the second week in a row, Geoff Shreeves abuses a Soccer AM guest, this time his target was Rob Lee.

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