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Soccer AM show review
23rd October 2004

Fans of the week
Ian Taylor & Michael Johnson of Derby County
Darren Campbell, Olympic 4x100 Gold Medalist
We are the Champions League
Southampton Scored 6,
All the guests missed!
Crossbar Challenge
Bradford - Lady Luck deserted all the players.
Sheephead produces 37 press-ups,
Things of great note:

Neil recently attened a Lionel Ritchie concert.

Tim will consider putting his children in a box in the hope that they will shut up and behave.

Michael Owen cleaned the boots of Robbie Folwer during his role of YT at Liverpool.

Darren Campbell put his ghosts to rest following his many misses in sky ones 'the match' by cooly slotting a penalty into the bottom right corner again Buffon in the carpark.

A running joke throughout the show was of how Fenners failed his driving test.

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