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Soccer AM show review
9th October 2004

Fans of the week
Kevin Kyle , Sunderland
Andrew Flintoff & Steve Harmision, England Cricketers.
Gary Birtles, a two-time European Cup Winner.
We are the Champions League
Darlington Scored 4,
All the guests missed!
Crossbar Challenge
Gillingham - Striker Darren Byfield was successful!
Luke produces 51 press-ups,
Things of great note:

Tim Lovejoy converts the basket without looking.
"It didn't touch the sides" said an impressed Helen.

Randy Wakeman has developed horses teeth.

Neil went to the Opera last week.

Elton John (Toby) joined David and Donatella for a drink this week.

Not for the first time, Tim insults the Welsh with comments about coal and living in caves.

Rio Ferdinand cleaned the boots of Tony Cottee during his role of YT at West Ham.

Gary Birtles can no longer 'Kick it' as his tame shot to the right of Buffon was comfortably saved.

Tim Lovejoy held a press-conference to answer alligations that he is sizeist folowing a complaint by rocket to the company.

High winds out in the carpark caused Sheephead's sink to smash.

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