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Soccer AM show review
2nd October 2004

Fans of the week
Port Vale
Jackie McNamara, Celtic Captain
Ralf Ineson, he played Chris Finch in 'The Office'
Ramon Vega, former Switz International
We are the Champions League
Port Vale fans score 1,
Ramon Vega is also successful!
Crossbar Challenge
Yeovil - Midfielder Nicolas Mirza struck lucky!
Chris Nutbeam produces 48 press-ups,
Things of great note:

Tim Lovejoy scores the basket!

Soccer AM secured a deal to have Baps for another season.
The were also sent his Mansfield Town shirt from last season, shockingly, it was brand new, with its tag, and there was no number on the back!

Robbie Knox was laying in the Luther Blissett stand wearing a black silk gown with leopard skin trim.

We learnt that Neil once took a stand-up comedy course. Tim Points out how it hasn't worked for him! Judging by the lack of Colonel and Ginger so far this season, perhaps he's right with that statement!

Ian The Christian was back to oversee the proceedings in the Second Round Draw of the LDV Van Trophy.

This weeks Forces gallery was accompanied with words along to bottom of the screen so that the readers at home could sing along with the Scorpions 'Winds of Change'

Carlton Cole cleaned the boots of Dennis Wise during his role of YT at Chelsea.

Ramon Vega can no longer 'Kick it' as he sent his shot over the bar.

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