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Soccer AM show review
18th September 2004

Fans of the week
West Ham United
Lee Trundle of Swansea City
Michael Higgs who plays Andy Hunter in EastEnders
William and Preston from the Ordinary Boys
We are the Champions League
West Ham fans score 5,
All the Guests fail!
Crossbar Challenge
Sheffield Wednesday - Everyone fails!
Robbie Knox produces 30 of the finest press-ups that you will ever see!
Things of great note:

Tim Lovejoy converts basket without looking.

We discover that Neil took up Sunday League refereeing.

Tim and Helen discuss how David Beckham dislikes having things in odd numbers, and how he would through away a can of pop from the fridge to make the numbers even, Tim wonders what David will do when he has 3 kids, Helen quickly makes a joke of the situation to steer away from any thoughts of Beckham throwing one of his children in a bin, or even worse....

Soccer AM proudly announce that they have secured the rights to show the highlights from Lyon for another season.

The Bouncebackability campaign gains pace with many newspapers and local radio stations metioning the word.

We discover that Ashley Cole cleaned the boots of both Lee Dixon and Nigel Winterburn during his role of YT at Arsenal.

Soccer AM showcase the 3 best dummies of the week as they appear to be back in fashion in football, Rocket took the number 1 spot.

Steve and Alan, the SAS specialists were back to secure the Building.

Lovejoy gets winded by a football thrown by one of the crew following his announcement that he hired ugly people in order for him to look better, but who was the culprit?

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