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Soccer AM show review
21st August 2004

Fans of the week
Charlton Athletic
Jon Harley and Phil Jagielka - Sheffield United
Danny Williams - the man who beat Mike Tyson

Neil Ruddock - From the Jungle
We are the Champions League
Charlton fans score 3,
All the guests missed!
Crossbar Challenge
Mike Newell's Luton Town are this week challengers. Defender Curtis Davies is successful with his attempt!
John Dyson manages a staggering 43 press-ups in his allotted 60 seconds.
Things of great note:

Lovejoy has his first miss at the basket this season!

Following Torquay's defeat against Sheffield Wednesday last weekend,
Tim messaged Helen at full time with this message,
"I feel better that Wednesday spanked you lot, football isn't as broken as I first thought"

This weeks stranger on the sofa was the wonderful Carl.
The most loved man in the country. People liked him so much that many emails were sent in.

Seeing that this is a male dominated show, Tim gives a wink to all the ladies, Helen prepares to give the men a wink, but the camera cuts to Tim who has something better for all the men, a lovely piece of topside beef!

Backstage Tim and Helen are shocked when they discover that each other have to buy their own clothes, they discuss how it would be good if clothing companies send them some clothes to wear on the show as they are human adverts, Tim suggests the crew could do with some good clothes too, sighting Scagneli as a needy crew member!

Out in the carpark Danny Willams nails a shot right down the centre of goal, New goalkeeper Gian Luigi Buffon makes the save and runs away quick to escape the wrath of Mr Williams!

Rocket and Robbie Knox are your hosts on an exciting new channel on Sky called Crew Cast. They read out the viewers text messages, one of which requests Rocket to wiggle his ears, his attempt is woeful. There is a request for Robbie Knox to cross his eyes, but they say they needs a lot more texts before Robbie can do such a feat for the viewers!

John Prescott makes an appearance to celebrate leading the country for the week and for saving the life of a canoeist, following a backstage conversation with Tim, Mr Prescott beats up a Charlton fan who had been annoying Tim, John then turns on Tim and delivers a vicious punch, the deputy prime minister makes his way over to the sofa where he is very courteous to Danny Williams before ruffling the hair of Jon Harley and Phil Jakelika followed by smacking Helen in the face! Disgraceful.

Neil Ruddock finally makes it into the studio over an hour late!
He was driving his wife's car to the studio when another motorist rammed him up the backside.

A picture of some sort of a Donkey flashed up on screen for a split second.

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