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Soccer AM show review
14th August 2004

Fans of the week
Steve Howey - New England Revolution soccer team,
Ray Winstone - Hollywood Actor
Jeff Winter - Football Referee
We are the Champions League
Liverpoolfans score 3,
All the guests missed!
Crossbar Challenge
Torquay United - Midfielder Tony Bedeau is successful with his attempt!
Fenners manages 26 in his sixty seconds.
Things of great note:

Lovejoy successfully scores his first basket of the new season.

Over the summer they'd been thinking how to make the show bigger and better, the answer - blue stripy walls! That is the reason why soccer am is leading the way in televisual entertainment!

Helen refuses to introduce the best goals from division 4, telling Lovejoy she no longer has interest in that league now that Torquay are in a higher division.

Boston Goals are back for another season, this time presented in their own studio as Soccer AM link up live to Randy Wakeman the 3rd.
Mike Schwinburger provides the commentary.

Fresh from the summer season at the Edge Hill community centre, Stan Hibbert returned, such is his greatness, he now warrants his own theme music and entrance graphics.

The C&G t-shirt for the men and women of the forces has been replaced with a new one! It's a camouflage t-shirt with the words "I AM INVISIBLE" printed across the front. Tim was unable to spot the new garment when Helen showed it to the camera.

Sheephead returned with the topless weather, sporting a dashing pair of speedos, the reasoning was for spending the summer around a swimming pool with Frank Worthington. Sheeps ended his report with some crucial traffic news.

Tim and Helen appeal for your home movies, each video shown will receive a Mickey Thomas £50 note!

For the first time ever, Soccer AM brought us the pools news, this week, the vending machine at Tudor Grange swimming pool in Solihull is out of Monster Munch. Classic stuff!

Oliver Khant has been replaced by new Goalkeeper Juan Luigi Buffon,
He was successful in saving the penalty taken by Jeff Winter.

Backstage Tim purchases a suitcase full of new wheatsheaf t-shirts from Barry, Mr Proudfoot demands cash, Tim happily obliges and hands over a £50 note before leaving the scene pretty quickly, Barry then notices the money to be of the Mickey Thomas variety and calls John to get the dogs.

The famous hockey players have been replaced by 2 pro wrestlers, one in red, one in blue, today's scene had the red wrestler standing on top on a park bench whilst the blue wrestler was laying lifeless on the concrete, the red wrestler then jumped off the bench with a big splash!

Tubes question returned for another season, and this time he has his own personal title sequence, Tubes asked Ray Winstone what the hardest thing is about being an actor, Ray's answer was being out of work for long periods of time is the hardest.

This weeks flashing picture was of Tim Henman

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