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Soccer AM show review
21st May 2005

Fans of the week
Thomas Hitzlsperger - Aston Villa
Ian Holloway - QPR manager
Jonny Lee Miller - Top actor
Ian Poulter - Ryder Cup golfer
Ray Parlour - Middlesbrough
We are the Champions League
Southampton fans scored 5
lan Poluter and Ray Parlour both score.
Crossbar Challenge
Birmingham City take up the challenge and fail.
No press-ups this week.
Things of great note:

The ball finally drops though the hoop after bouncing up off the rim for a successful end to Tim's season of basketball shooting.

Helen says that Tim is unable to take her seriously today as she has come dressed as a girl for the final show of the season in the form of a proper dress.

After 9 years, Soccer AM have finally been voted the best footballing programme on TV and Radio by readers of 'FourFourTwo' magazine.

For the second season in a row, Helen presented Thierry Henry with both the Golden Shoe and Golden Espadrille awards.

Footage was shown from earlier in the season of Ian Poulter scoring at 'We are the champions league'
Ian was horrified with the clip as it revealed that he was wearing exactly the same jacket that he has on for today's show.

In preparation for Thomas Hitzlsperger taking a penalty in the car park again Buffon, many clips are shown building up to the event, with Buffon buying lots of toilet roll from the supermarket, taking many trips to a public toilet, and praying outside a church,

Despite being egged on by Tim and Helen to blast the ball directly at Buffon, Thomas Hitzlsperger goes for both placement and power as he scores into the bottom right corner of the goal.

Helen reveals that today is the last ever
'We are the champions league'
Can we expect a german themed end game for world cup year?

Ian Poulter and Ray Parlour leave the show via helicoptor to deliver the match ball to the millenium stadium.
They have to throw the perspex encased ball over a fance in order to get though a security gate.

A video package is shown, featuring all the best guests and moments from the 2004-05 season on Soccer AM.

This weeks flashing picture was of two cricket umpires signaling the taking of a wicket.

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