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Soccer AM show review
14th May 2005

Fans of the week
Norwich City
Dean Windass - Bradford City
Jennie McAlpine - Fiz from Coronation Street
Tony Daley - Sheffield United fitness coach
We are the Champions League
Norwich city fans scored 4
Dean Windass, and Torquay United's Alex Russell both score.
Crossbar Challenge
No crossbar challenge this week.
Dean Windass went head-to-head with Tony Daley at the end of the show, Tony won 81-80
Things of great note:

Tim scores his shot at the basket.

Helen wears a black t-shirt reading "Relegated" across the chest with "Bring on the Barnet" printed on the back.

We learn that Robbie Knox has hired a personal trainer so that he can attract better looking women.

Throughout the show, Tim drinks from a blue plastic replica of the premier league trophy, reminding everyone at home who the current champions are.

Tony Daley proves that he can just about still 'Kick It' by squeezing in a shot just under Buffon.

Tim allows the Swedish soccerette to read out one of her poems in full, breaking his tradition of usually cutting off a soccerette in mid sentence.

This weeks flashing picture was of Lee Ryan from Blue.

The end of show credits included:
Robbie's Waist - 34"
Robbie's Waste - A Personal Trainer
Pools News Forecast - Forget It

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