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Soccer AM show review
7th May 2005

Fans of the week
Derby County
Hermann Hreidarsson - Charlton Athletic
Neil Mellor - Liverpool
Leo Gregory - The future of British cinema
We are the Champions League
Derby County fans scored 1
Leo Gregory got the ball through the star
Crossbar Challenge
Hull City midfielder Ian Ashbee hit the target.
Bradford City's Dean Windass did 80 wearing his pants.
Things of great note:

Tim misses his shot at the basket, but follows up with a 'Michael Jordan style dunk' (Tims own words!)

Neil said he would rather spend his summer holidays doing open air Shakespeare than lie on a tropical beach.

Tubes was dressed up as baby George Worsley whilst a voiceover spoke some common cockney phrases.

6,000 fans turned up at Portman Road to see the Badgers beaten 4-3 by the Ipswich Legends.
According to Tim, Fendley had a stinking defensive performance.

Welsh Rugby Wizard Gavin Henson took up the 10 yard bucket challenge and converted in 3 attempts.

Joe Cole and teammates threw water over Geoff Shreeves during his prematch report to the studio.

Tim presented John Terry with the 'Terry Shield' even though his brother Paul still had 1 game left for Yeovil in which to try and score two goals.

This weeks flashing picture was of Boyzone.

The end of show credits included:
Baby George's clothes supplied by - Walthamstow Market.
Bouncebackability - Tony Blair.
Pools News Forecast - Excellent.....only joking.
No Badgers were harmed during the making of this programme..........but Fenners' reputation took a bit of a battering.

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