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Soccer AM show review
30th April 2005

Fans of the week
Southend United
Gary Breen and Marcus Stewart - Sunderland
Justin Edinburgh - Billericay Town manager
We are the Champions League
Southend fans scored 4.
The guests failed.
Crossbar Challenge
Surrey's cricketers showed why they play cricket as they all missed the bar.
Ex-pro and entrepreneur John Scales made a lowly 38
Things of great note:

Tim scores the basket with ease from quite some distance!

Neil went to the dentist this week to get his teeth made bigger.

When asked by Tim what he thought the score would be between Bolton and Chelsea, Sheephead predicted a 6-0 victory to Bolton,

Later on in the show, Vernon Kay was on the phone, he was more optimistic than Sheephead and predicted a 7-0 victory!

We learn that Tim's wedding present to Vernon and Tess was a gooseberry bush, which is now flourishing nicely at the 'Kay Estate'

Helen calls Tim a baby for not wanting to eat Army food.

We are shown a prototype goalkeeping jersey that has a 'wingspan' to help save more shots.
(Surely a wind up!)

A "Lovejoy is a Legend" sign is shown at WWE Smackdown which was filmed in Birmingham.

Keith O'Neil called in to the show ahead of Sunday's Badgers game.

Justin Edinburgh ensured that Tim will be kept as penalty taker for the Badgers as he blasted his penalty over the bar in the car park.

Tim offers the 17 year old single soccerette the chance to go out with Robbie Knox, sadly, she's not in to tramps.

Soccer AM advertise a new programme coming to TV.
It's titled Celebrities Reveal Actual Professions.

Richard Chaplow of West Brom takes 19 shots to get the ball in to the bucket of water in the Ten Yard Bucket Challenge.

This weeks flashing picture is of clenched fists.

The end of show credits included:
Robbie Knox's Body Double - Stig of the Dump
Old Dear - Delia Smith's Mum
Oh Dear - Sean Thornton
Bouncebackability - Crystal Palace
Pools News Forecast - We think you know the answer to that one, don't you?

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