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Soccer AM show review
16th April 2005

Fans of the week
Crewe Alexandra
Lucas Radebe - Leeds United
Iwan Thomas - Celebrity Wrestler
Richard, Kai, Ross - Hard-Fi
We are the Champions League
Crewe fans scored 1.
Richard from Hard-Fi was the only successful guest.
Crossbar Challenge
The Leicester City squad were this weeks contenders, all failed to hit Joey woodwork.
West Brom's Paul Robinson achieves 78.
Things of great note:

Tim scores the basket, but chances his luck with an extra shot and misses.

A staff member from a Ten Pin bowling alley in Bracknell emailed Tim and Helen to tell them about Rocket's failed attempts to get free games of bowling as well as free drinks.

This week's Pools News saw the introduction of the 'lifeguards whistle' which was followed by a shout out, add that to the wave machine, as well as the crew calling out 'like theeese' and we all know where it's heading.

Soccer AM phoned the London Marathon office to find out what happens if runners need the toilet whilst on the course.

We are shown footage of a viewers parrott called Rocky. He is able to say the words 'Easy Easy' 'You Shut Up'

Lucas Radebe can no longer kick it as he hit the ball too centrally and Buffon managed to stick out a leg to make the save.

Lucas Radebe was once shot in South Africa whilst driving his car from his house to the shops.

Chris Kamara starred in the Soccerettes music video for 'Mr Big Stuff'

Wigan Athletic's Jimmy Bullard took 42 attempts at the 10 Yard Bucket Challenge.

This weeks flashing picture is of two young children and a dog walking down a dark alleyway, the picture is in black and white.

The end of show credits included:
1970's Band - SuperTramp
Robbie Knox - RubbishTramp
Irish Rice Farmer - Paddy Fields
Bouncebackability - Norwich City
Pools News Forecast - Dire

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