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Soccer AM show review
9th April 2005

Fans of the week
Hartlepool Town
Philip Olivier - 'The Games' Mens Champion
Kirsty Gallacher - 'The Games' Womens Champion
Rodney Smith - Roots Manuva
We are the Champions League
Hartlepool Town fans score 5.
All the guests fail.
Crossbar Challenge
Leyton Orient took up the challenge this week, their goalkeeper Glen Morris was successful.
'The Games' mens champion Philip Olivier did press-ups live in the studio and did 71
Things of great note:

Tim misses the basket twice!

The Hartlepool fans brought a blue and white striped tin of 'Poolie Pastries' for the table to rival the Mackem Muffins and Geordie Biscuits.

Jeff Stelling joined the fans in the Luther Blissett stand following an ad break.

Neil reads 19th century French books before he goes to bed.

Tim says 'Pools News' will be axed at the end of the season, but until then, just like fungus, we're stuck with it!

Ossie Aerobics made its debut.

Rocket was made to walk down Oxford street carrying a sign reading "I want to be famous" as a punishment following being photographed looking desperate for fame in a few newspapers during a night out on the town with Robbie Knox and Gavin Henson.

West Brom's Neil Clement took 17 attempts at the 10 Yard Bucket Challenge.

This weeks flashing picture is 4 brown poster/postal tubes. Perhaps meaning 'Tubes'

The end of show credits included:
Mobo Winner - Roots Manuva
Hobo Winner - Robbie Knox
Stable Lad - A.P. McCoy
Unstable Lad - Tubes
Desperate Wannabe - Rocket
Pools News Forecast - Hopeless

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