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Soccer AM show review
2nd April 2005

Fans of the week
Neil Ruddock - The man who felled Lovejoy
Gavin Henson - Welsh Rugby Wizard
Paul, Aaron & Tim - The Bees
We are the Champions League
Sunderland fans score 2.
Paul from the Bees is the only guest to score.
Crossbar Challenge
Egg-chasing Leicester Tigers took on the Crossbar Challenge this week, and wouldn't you just know it, Austin Healy was the man to hit the target!
Potty-mouthed John Beresford produced 57 proper British press-ups.
Things of great note:

Tim missed the basket 3 times before slamdunking it in.

Today was Helens Birthday, The Sunderland fans sung Happy Birthday, later in the show, Tim called on Helens Present, it was a naked Rocket wearing a trenchcoat, he exposed himself to a shocked Helen.
(Although from the rear, it looked like he was wearing some sort of black underpants)

Scags went to get a Santropay fake tan last weekend.

Tim was angry that Tony Blair gave an interview to little Ant and Dec, but couldn't find the time to tell Soccer AM what he knew about football, Tim proposes Gordon Brown for Prime Minister.

Soccer AM won an award from Zoo Magazine for being voted the nations favourite football show, over 13,000 people voted. Soccer AM got 43% of the vote,

Gavin Henson proved he's just as good at striking a football as he is a rugby ball as he strikes the ball past Buffons right. Referee Gallagher then produced a mobile phone, after spending some time studying a picture on the screen from different angles, he handed the phone to Gavin, claiming it's his.
(The gag comes from Gavin Henson having his mobile phone stolen, which contained a picture of his girlfriend, Charlotte Church, topless)

As the show comes back from an adbreak, we see a man popping out from a wheelie bin who is being strangled by a mannequin arm.
It's Fenners dressed as a Doctor Who!

This weeks flashing picture is of an upwards-facing white arrow on a blue background.

The end of show credits included:
A walk in the park - Liverpool Legends
A tramp in the woods - Robbie Knox
Razor Ruddock supported by - Orange Sofas (reinforced)
Bouncebackability - Doctor Who

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