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Soccer AM show review
19th March 2005

Fans of the week
Preston North End
Nasser Hussain - Former England Cricket Captian
Eugene Dadi & Ryan Taylor - Tranmere Rovers
Francis Benali - Southampton
We are the Champions League
Preston fans score 2. The guests fail
Crossbar Challenge
The boys from Reading all fail.
Olympic Athlete Iwan Thomas nails 108!
Things of great note:

Tim was cocky and shot at the basket without looking, he missed by at least 3 feet!

Neil missed his Sunday league soccer game to watch his mother perform in a village pantomime.

Tim explains how his busy schedule prevented him from training with the Leicester Tigers last week.

Health and Safety told Soccer AM off for throwing water at Les during last week's Pools News.
They claim that Les could have been hurt.
Tim points out that getting hurt is better than dying on screen each week!

Returning from an ad break, Tim does the usual introductions and gives a special introduction to Robbie Knox, at this point the Steptoe and Son music plays, insinuating that Robbie is a tramp.

Francis Benali proved he can still kick it by using power to drive the ball straight down the middle and in to the net.

Marcus Trescothick hit the rim of the bucket multiple times before finally converting on his 56th attempt at the 10 Yard Bucket Challenge.

Soccer AM finally provide a guide to proper press-ups and highlight the sports stars who have cheated.

This weeks flashing picture was of a branch with autumn leaves.

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