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Soccer AM show review
12th March 2005

Fans of the week
Manchester United
Graham Stuart - Norwich City
Clinton Morrison - Birmingham City
Austin Healy - Leicester Tigers
We are the Champions League
Manchester United fans score 4, Clinton Morrison also converts.
Crossbar Challenge
The Cheltenham Town squad all fail.
Sheffield United's fitness coach Tony Daley does a whopping 108!
Things of great note:

Tim scores the basket and claims 'I never miss'

Randy Wakeman III was joined by football analyst Chad Brookhigh Jr in the studio, Chad was a man of very few words but proved very popular with people chanting 'we love Chad'

Tubes believed it was part of his job role to keep a weather diary and has written the daily weather in a book for the past 3 months!
He later joined Sheephead out in the car park to record the weather live!

We discovered that the name of the lifeguard giving us the pools news is Les.
Les got very wet this week as the swimmers decided to throw water and inflatables at him.

Tim apologises for mocking women's football, having watched a game this week, he's realised it's well worth watching after all! He backs up his claim by showing footage of a very attractive Arsenal Goalkeeper.

Swansea's Lee Trundle takes 93 attempts at the 10 yard bucket challenge before giving up.

Tim's phone was recieving lots of text messages during the show from Rugby players taking a pop at Austin Healy.

Austin made matters worse for himself by missing a penalty out in the car park.

Scags had to walk down Oxford street carrying a big yellow sign on a pole reading 'loser'
This was because the crew decided the write off £170 of betting money that he owed them after his claims that Arsenal would be sucessful in both the league and Champions league failed to materialise.

This weeks main gag saw Fenners and Sheephead dressed up as crash test dummies, they were wearing very tight flesh coloured suits made of a very thin material. A heart shaped cushion and Tims clipboard were used to cover up there 'buldges' as they had failed to test out the costumes before the show aired.

The sketch featured a few pops at Austin Healy for his hairloss, Fenners goaded Austin to 'bring it on' as he's a crash test dummy and is indestructable,
Fenners was picked up, dumped to the floor and given a deadleg from Austin much to the delight of those in the studio.

This weeks flashing picture was of Robbie Williams.

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